McDonald's 'good times': Fun Close

Jul 2015

McDonald's 'good times': Fun

"Remember when you were a child and the main role of grown-ups seemed to be to thwart your fun on every level? This spot for McDonald's reminds us exactly what that was like. Thank goodness, then, there's one place they encourage you to be yourself: McDonald's. Here, there's no 'hands-off' policy or temptation to do something fun but dangerous... this is a place where adults and children alike can enjoy the same thing, together, and share good times. The performances have a terrific naturalness about them and overall the point is perfectly made: kids and grown-ups may not see eye-to-eye on lots of things, but they share the same vision when it comes to McDonald's." by DavidReviews

Have some fun here
First National Day of Memory #RememberShafilea: July 14th 2015 Close

Jul 2015

First National Day of Memory #RememberShafilea: July 14th 2015

Working with charity Karma Nirvana, and supporting the inaugural Day of Memory for victims of 'honour' killings, the British public were asked to break the silence on honour-based abuse by tweeting #RememberShafilea (a victim herself, suffocated by her parents with a plastic bag) to restore her memory. The social campaign aimed to use plastic in a positive way - a 3D printed memorial bust of Shafilea was programmed to be revealed in response to peaks in public support.

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Hard-hitting drowning prevention campaign for RNLI Close

Jul 2015

Hard-hitting drowning prevention campaign for RNLI

RNLI's 1st national drowning prevention campaign launches(#RespectTheWater). A chilling statistic: over half of those who drown didn't even plan to enter the water. The film 'Breathe' challenges viewers to hold their breath as a man in the sea fights the surprising power of cold water shock.

Hold your breath here
Leo Burnett celebrates best ever year at Cannes Close

Jul 2015

Leo Burnett celebrates best ever year at Cannes

LB Worldwide celebrates winning a record 69 Lions at this year’s Festival (2 Grand Prix, 2 Titanium, 2 Glass, 15 Gold, 17 Silver, 31 Bronze) London won an impressive 17 of those Lions – for Always #LikeAGirl (with LB Toronto & Chicago) and for Karma Nirvana/Suffocation. Once again, the big stuff and the brave stuff combining to make us one of the most awarded agencies in the world.

Watch Karma Nirvana
McDonald's "Lonely Hearts" Close

Jul 2015

McDonald's "Lonely Hearts"

"The awkwardness of a blind date is perfectly captured in this typically lovely piece for McDonald's ... But this is more than a sweetly told tale, this carries a really important message to customers who no longer see themselves as the kind of people who go to McDonald's. "It's all right," this says, "others like you have the same guilty secret and it's okay to pop in by yourself when you want to indulge those appetites that other restaurants can't provide." David Reviews

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Always “#LikeAGirl” Wins at Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity Close

Jun 2015

Always “#LikeAGirl” Wins at Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity

Leo Burnett’s London, Toronto and Chicago offices won the Grand Prix in the PR category as well as the inaugural Glass Lion for Always “#LikeAGirl”.

“It is always a tremendous honor to win the Grand Prix at the world’s foremost advertising festival. But capturing the award for ‘#LikeAGirl’ is made sweeter by the enormously impactful ideas behind this much lauded campaign by Leo Burnett for Always. A big congratulations to both Leo Burnett and Procter & Gamble Always,” Maurice Lévy, Publicis Groupe Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

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Fairy Non Bio #NeverStopHugging

Jun 2015

Fairy Non Bio #NeverStopHugging

Ahead of Father's Day, Fairy Non Bio celebrates the power of a hug between father and son - and champions the idea that we should #NeverStopHugging our babies - no matter how old they are. Emotional stuff.

Feel 'The Power of Soft' here
#FlipYourLips for Cervical Screening

Jun 2015

#FlipYourLips for Cervical Screening

Our fabulous Foundry team have created a provocative campaign to encourage young women to be screened for cervical cancer. We're asking women to put on their favourite red lipstick, take a selfie and 'flip' to Instagram. #FlipYourLips is a social campaign tackling a social problem.

Samantha Morton tells you how to FlipYourLips