End Youth Homelessness Close

Jun 2016

End Youth Homelessness

We worked with charity End Youth Homelessness to raise awareness of a serious dilemma 80,000 young people face in the UK: stay at home where you know you will be abused, or risk a life on the street where abuse is an everyday reality. Our outdoor campaign reflected the precarious position these young people are in with type led illustrations on the outside of buildings - the division between home and the street. The ambient pieces were then photographed and released as posters. The campaign is raising public awareness and demonstrating that by supporting End Youth Homelessness they can help make a difference.

Kellogg's 'The Art of Bran Flakes' Close

Jul 2016

Kellogg's 'The Art of Bran Flakes'

Our latest creation for Kellogg's paints Kellogg’s Bran Flakes as the perfect breakfast blank canvas. In the 30-second spot three different ‘artists’ are portrayed creating their own tasty masterpieces such as a girl who eyes the flakes surrounding by a number of bowls filled with breakfast ingredients. Inspired she starts her work and the creativity begins.

Set to a sound-track by French hip hop producer, Roger Molls, we see the Kellogg’s Bran Flakes, berries, yoghurt, kiwi, passion fruit being crumpled, squeezed and spun to create a number of different mouth-watering breakfasts.

P&G Flash 'A-HA Dog'

Aug 2016

P&G Flash 'A-HA Dog'

A new campaign for Flash launches this month pushing their multi surface cleaning product with the help of a singing dog and Queen's Flash

See the full advert here
Co-op Food 'Be as unpredictable as summer' Close

May 2016

Co-op Food 'Be as unpredictable as summer'

Check out our latest ad for Co-op Food which celebrates a great British summer of spontaneity. It stars a group of friends, who, through a series of serendipitous encounters, wind up having an unplanned barbecue on the beach. The campaign also sees the return of The Co-op's iconic blue clover leaf logo, making a comeback after 20 years

The Dry/Clean Initiative Close

May 2016

The Dry/Clean Initiative

We've been working with Action On Addiction to launch The Dry/Clean Initiative, a programme that takes the nations forgotten dry cleaning and donates it to recovering addicts who need formal wear when they attend interviews. Watch the film to see how the scheme is already helping people like Debbie in the UK.

McDonald's Good Times Close

May 2016

McDonald's Good Times

Our latest ad as part of the 'good times' brand campaign celebrates the role McDonald's plays in customers lives and brings to life the brand promise of simple, easy enjoyment.

McDonald's: 'We Are Awake' Close

Apr 2016

McDonald's: 'We Are Awake'

"A gentle version of 'Rhythm of the Night' plays over a perfectly judged sequence of people beavering away at night before it's revealed that McDonald's have 600 restaurants open 24 hours to cater to their needs. It's a terrific compilation and suggests the people of Britain are very industrious when they stay up all night... The script has provided director Jake Mavity with an excellent opportunity to show off his skills and he's delivered with aplomb. McDonald's should be well satisfied with this heart-warming depiction of clean-living folk rewarding themselves with a cheeky burger at the end of their night shift." DavidReviews

Watch here
McDonald's Happy Meal: 'Always Working' Close

Mar 2016

McDonald's Happy Meal: 'Always Working'

Steve Hill, McDonald's Head of Marketing said, "This campaign illustrates our commitment to continually improving our menu, and nowhere is this more important than with our Happy Meal. From the introduction of Organic Milk and Water, Fruit Bags and Carrot Sticks to the distribution of over 43 million books, the Happy Meal has changed, and will continue to change and we wanted to tell that story to parents across the UK".

Watch here