Co-operative Christmas: "Ice" Close

Dec 2015

Co-operative Christmas: "Ice"

"Loneliness is one of the key themes of this year's Christmas advertising and Co-op's contribution to this canon of work is an absolute cracker... But this is more than an illustration of the retailer's convenience, it's a callback to a time when the Co-op was at the centre of working-class communities and people looked out for one another. This is a delightful tale of Christmas neighbourliness and a very fitting message for today." DavidReviews

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McDonald's invites the Nation to take part in Christmas Day ad

Nov 2015

McDonald's invites the Nation to take part in Christmas Day ad

Launch ad 'Journey to Christmas': "Every aspect of this lovely piece of seasonal advertising has a wonderfully authentic feel to it. A family sets off in their car to visit relatives, and Wizzard's well-trodden classic 'I Wish It Could Be Christmas Every Day' comes on the radio as the long drive ahead begins." says DavidReviews


The Journey to Christmas
Freeview Play: #SetYourselfFree

Oct 2015

Freeview Play: #SetYourselfFree

Launching Freeview Play.... DavidReviews says: "Freeview equates to freedom in an expansive new piece of advertising for the free-to-air broadcasting service. In a world where subscriptions are ruthlessly pushed at us, the heroic underdog representing the advertised service is the champion of unorthodoxy. The film - made by Rogue's Sam Brown in harmony with the wizards at the Electric Theatre Collective from a script by Leo Burnett's Phillip Meyler and Darren Keff - is a triumph.”

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McDonald's: 'Good to Know' Close

Oct 2015

McDonald's: 'Good to Know'

"McDonald's is busy debunking myths in this spot about their fries. Contrary to popular belief and apocryphal tales, the fries aren't grown artificially; neither are they cooked in a way that takes them off the menu for vegetarians. Indeed, farmer Terry knows his onions when it comes to spuds and he can vouch for it that "no weird stuff" goes on in the making of them. It's brave and interesting for McDonald's to tackle this aspect of their image head on." David Reviews

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NSPCC - Alfie the Astronaut Close

Sep 2015

NSPCC - Alfie the Astronaut

'Astronaut' marks the first brand ad for the NSPCC in 11 years and the first within their rebrand with the strapline, 'Every Childhood is Worth Fighting For'.
Creative Review Magazine commented: "A striking new ad for the children’s charity NSPCC avoids overt shock tactics with a compelling story that takes a heart-wrenching turn halfway through… The film features a child training to be an astronaut, and uses beautiful film-making combined with an absorbing voiceover to deliver a message of how abuse stunts children’s hopes, dreams and imagination."

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McDonald's Great Tastes of the World "Australia" Close

Sep 2015

McDonald's Great Tastes of the World "Australia"

"Credit to McDonald's as the intro to this ad is actually one of the better tourism films we've seen for the land Down Under in recent times, highlighting its wealth of 'sleepy bears' and 'noisy sticks' among other things. It's soon business as usual as the fast food chain celebrate their new Aussie-themed burger, complete with the rather fetching food photography we've come to enjoy from their recent output." David Reviews

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McDonald's 'good times': Fun Close

Jul 2015

McDonald's 'good times': Fun

"Remember when you were a child and the main role of grown-ups seemed to be to thwart your fun on every level? This spot for McDonald's reminds us exactly what that was like. Thank goodness, then, there's one place they encourage you to be yourself: McDonald's. Here, there's no 'hands-off' policy or temptation to do something fun but dangerous... this is a place where adults and children alike can enjoy the same thing, together, and share good times. The performances have a terrific naturalness about them and overall the point is perfectly made: kids and grown-ups may not see eye-to-eye on lots of things, but they share the same vision when it comes to McDonald's." DavidReviews

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First National Day of Memory #RememberShafilea: July 14th 2015 Close

Jul 2015

First National Day of Memory #RememberShafilea: July 14th 2015

Working with charity Karma Nirvana, and supporting the inaugural Day of Memory for victims of 'honour' killings, the British public were asked to break the silence on honour-based abuse by tweeting #RememberShafilea (a victim herself, suffocated by her parents with a plastic bag) to restore her memory. The social campaign aimed to use plastic in a positive way - a 3D printed memorial bust of Shafilea was programmed to be revealed in response to peaks in public support.