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Reclaiming a place in the nation’s hearts and homes

Putting Kellogg’s back into the hearts of the nation’s homes by celebrating everyone’s favourite breakfasts

Kellogg’s are the morning people, putting delicious breakfasts on people’s tables across the nation.  But the brand’s golden morning glow has shone less bright in recent years as more choice and variety is available to people for the most important meal of the day, breakfast.

We needed to stop people’s favourite Kellogg’s brands becoming over-looked and forgotten and reclaim breakfast leadership.


The Business Challenge

In 2019 times were tough. The category was in decline, caused by disaggregation of traditional meal occasions, the shift away from classic breakfasts at the kitchen table at home, plus the explosion in breakfast, or morning food, options. Kellogg’s was under pressure and losing their leader place in the hearts and homes of consumers.

Change was vital. Kellogg’s iconic brands needed a different approach, to do things differently to recent years and accelerate back into growth.

Reclaiming a place in the nation’s hearts and homes

The Solution

To change, we couldn’t keep spreading our budget too thinly. We needed to pull on our powerhouse of brands and be bold enough to do more with less.

Even the words of our esteemed Kellogg’s founder W K Kellogg seemed to have the prescience of what we needed: ‘Do not scatter your ammunition; concentrate and you may get your bird.’

Instead of scattering our ammunition we decided to celebrate all our hero brands, driving salience and mental availability with a lovable idea. We knew from research that what people loved about Kellogg’s were the various distinctive characteristics, rituals and attributes of our products and brands – the stuff that breakfasts past and present were made of.

So, we set about reminding people of what they love, and celebrating that we have a favourite for everyone…wherever and however modern families do breakfast today.

The slice-of-life idea, ‘Whatever you do, we do breakfast’, took a flexible modular approach which ensured we could support different line ups of brands dependent on different market needs across Europe.  Whatever brands needed supporting, we could do it in our innovative new multi-brand model.


The Results

Whatever you do, we do breakfast is working hard for Kellogg’s. In 2020 we launched across six markets (UK, ROI, FR, SP, IT, BE).

The new Multi-brand model is proving efficient & effective, giving us the opportunity to dramatically strengthen ROI and profit:

  • Over 1.7 x more efficient


  • 8-2.4 x more effective


  • ROI up 67%-84%


  • Growth for hero brands, and halo impact across the portfolio


And testing demonstrated the ad was in the top 1% of best-performing ads achieving a 5 star rating (System1).

In 2021 we extended the success across more markets, and included more brands in the mix, now featuring: Kellogg’s CornFlakes, Kellogg’s Crunchy Nut, Kellogg’s CocoPops, Kellogg’s Tresor/ Krave, Kellogg’s Special K, Kellogg’s RiceKirspies and Kellogg’s Frosties.

We’ve unlocked renewed delight in Kellogg’s powerhouse of brands across Europe.