Case Studies

Making health insurance connect with the nation

The Business Challenge

AXA PPP healthcare had become a brand that people turned to for fast access to treatment, but didn’t always think of them for everyday health and wellbeing support. Yet people’s interest in health had exploded, with a huge proportion of the country using things like meditation and exercise apps, or engaging in the latest diet crazes to improve their health.

We needed to relaunch the AXA PPP healthcare brand as AXA Health, and show people that it was a brand that could help them achieve their health goals, not just provide them with a quick route to treatment.

Making health insurance connect with the nation

The Solution

We took a deep look at the market and people’s relationship to health and discovered something very interesting. That millions of people around the country were put off by the general narrative of the health market that encouraged people to survive the freezing waters and electric fences of Tough Mudder, or sweat their arses off to the latest HiiT craze. And this off-putting narrative was creating a state of paralysis for a large proportion of the nation, who were intimidated by the idea of starting on a path to fitness.

Our solution was to show them another way. To provide them with inspiration, ideas, products and services that would allow them to ‘Find their Feelgood Health’. To get fit on their terms both mentally and physically in a way that was enjoyable and matched their lifestyles and attitudes.

This led us to a campaign fronted by Jack Whitehall who inspired people to take this alternative approach to health. Plus, lots of social content and a website designed to helped people walk this new path to fitness, including the science behind the exercises and the AXA Health products that could help them achieve their Feelgood health goals.

And to ensure the campaign really got the nation talking, we also worked with our sister agency MSL, who took the topic of Feelgood health to the people, running a nationwide survey that validated people’s desire to get fit in a fun way and showing AXA Health as championing this alternative mindset to wellbeing.

While our media agency, Starcom, ensured that the broad attention we gained was also focussed in on our strategic audiences, meaning that we didn’t just get the nation talking, but also got people buying.


The Results

The campaign is in its infancy, but already we have seen consideration for the brand go up by a whopping 24% (for future purchase) and intention to buy by 15%.